Grease Gun

Quality assurance is the principle that has made Peekay Auto Industries to glow as sun among the huge genuine replacement market. With a success record of delivering quality products and services, on demand of our customers,introducing heavy duty grease guns and equipment under Peekay Greasing Equipment.

We are proud to introduce a new family member to our wide range of quality products. All grease guns and greasing equipment are manufactured, quality tested and packed considering the fact of being used in workshop and garage as a tool used for lubrication.

Being located in the heart of industrial township Ludhiana, we have always been ranked as the number one supplier. With the confidence and support from our customers, our goal is to achieve the same position as grease gun supplier Ludhiana & pretty soon top rated grease gun suppliers India.

We have been in the market supplying greasing equipment such as couplers (nipples) of various sizes and shapes. However the target for now to provide a complete reliable solution in form of various complete grease guns ranging from air grease gun also known as air powered grease gun to the end customer.

Even though the purpose of the grease gun is lubricate a specific point using various sizes of greasing fitments or 'nipple'. The fitment also known as adapter or coupler allows to make sure the lubricant is applied or is greased/lubricated as required.

There are various shapes and sizes available, designed as per mechanism being used in the grease gun. Some of the most commonly used grease guns are hand powered ones where the grease is forced by pressure built via triggering the gun. Another commonly used type is known as air powered grease gun, where compressed air is channelized via hoses to make sure the required location is lubricated.

Our skilled work force has always delivered a quality centric, sophisticated manufacturing and packaging techniques to bring quality products for the end users. The focus remains the quality and deliverable is best grease gun targeted to be top grease gun supplier Ludhiana and ultimately grease gun supplier India.

With a use of an array of equipment, we as a Peekay Auto Industries would remain committed to deliver what you have paid for. Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns, we love our customers and would love to hear from you.